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Searches websites for files you define in your profile and downloads them. The file parameters to define are name, format, and size. The program supports .avi and .mpg video formats, .mp3 and .wav audio formats, .gif and .jpg image formats.

The name of this tool, Movie Downloader, might make you think that it’s an application that can help you download movies from any location, with ease. It’s not exactly so. It won’t help you obtain Hollywood blockbusters, movie classics, TV series, or recently released films, at least not without much effort. This tool, despite its name, is actually a program meant to download multimedia content from particular websites. Therefore, in order to actually download a movie with this tool, you have to find a website hosting that movie in plain sight and allowing its playback first, and then hope that this application will also be capable of retrieving that movie file. I tested it with Youtube, using a modified video profile that would include additional video file formats like FLV, F4V, and so on, but unfortunately to no avail. I couldn’t make the tool download any video.

Anyway, for downloading images, Movie Downloader was more successful. It managed to detect and retrieve all the images from the provided website. It should also be capable of doing the same thing with audio files and with archives.

The interface of Movie Downloader looks rather dull, lackluster, and outdated. It’s not exactly intuitive neither, as at first I thought the search field would’ve allowed me to search for files with specific names, but in fact the search field was the place where the user shall enter the webpage that he or she intends to parse for downloadable media content.

To sum it all up, I’m far from being impressed by this tool and I honestly don’t think it’s worth the asked price. If you need a program to help you download content from webpages, I’m sure you can find a better solution without searching too hard.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows saving and editing download profiles
  • Can download multiple files at once
  • Supports scheduling


  • Outdated interface
  • Doesn't work with some specialized video streaming websites
  • The interface is rather unintuitive
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